Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jya mata

On friday, I sadly parted from Yuki and made my way to the Ryokan where Matt, Georgie, Anita, and Yessenia. Spending time with the rest of my Singaporean group in Japan has been fun, but with one last day in Japan on this trip, I decided to split with them and run around Tokyo alone. Harajuku and Shinjuku were interesting and had several opportunities for shopping. Since the internet cafe has been the only source of internet for me since leaving Yuki`s apartment, pictures will have to wait until I get to Singapore.
Although Japan was exciting and fun and went by quickly, it actually felt like I was here for a much longer time. Even so, I know when I get back to America the entire trip will seem surreal.

Departing Singapore on Monday at around 11:00am.

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